Being Black Mage in FFXIV

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Oh not a Bonus this time, being Black Mage as I truly hate the Shield Mechanic as a Melee DPS.
Tank starts Pulltimer Macro ... pulls ...

Swiftcast --> LL --> Enochian --> Raging Strikes --> Fire III --> Augmentation --> Let the DPS Fest begin..... NOPE, first Fire IV hit and I just ripped off the Hate from the Main Tank.
Ravana goes to me, I open my Emote Window --> Annoyed as Ravana slices me into Pieces...

Ressurected and Ravana not being in his Damage Stance, buffed up myself, got my MP back and Enochian was used.... Ravana goes into his Damage Stance, FF14GilMall nuke him with 2 Fire IV Spells .... Hate ripped off the Main Tank.
Slices me into Pieces, there is a annoyed Black Mage on the Ground followed with other annoyed dead People on the Ground.

Next try ... of course we don't gained 5% Echo Buff...

This Time I would've been sure everything was executed perfectly at the start, oh Boy... was I wrong.

Started slowly,

Swiftcast --> LL --> Enochian --> Fire III --> Fire IV .... Yellow Icon --> Fire IV Orange Icon <_<* --> Blizzard III --> Still Orange Icon .... waits 2 seconds ... Blizzard IV --> Ravana wants to hug me but decides to slice me into Pieces...

Result ... The Main Tank (PLD) didn't had Shield Oath up, jumped into the Battle two times without even using any Stance.
Drama is going on, 3 People told the Tank to use Shield Oath, MT pulled again ... without Shield Oath, this Time I did nothing but watched what would happen, the NIN in our Group ripped off the Hate and got killed, followed with the other DPS and HLRs...

PLD be like ..."Git gud and watch a Video"

.... I truly should start to get Quelling Strikes, even though I don't plan to run any Savage Content in the Future, just for that Reason.